Chapter Activities


Great Falls Chapter Giving Back for 15 years

(Over $800,000 and counting!!)


Here’s how we do it:

  • Partnered with MFWP, donated $50,000 toward the Whitetail Prairie land acquisition
  • Hooked on Fishing Not Drugs – North Middle School Program- $2,500 support and program sponsor
  • Supporting our public schools: East and North Middle School hunting bulletin board sponsorship and prizes ($1500)
  • Donated $1,500 toward the transplanting of 214 turkeys from Nebraska to Montana
  • Donating $10,000 to the Olson Conservation Easement Project through Montana FWP
  • Great Falls University Girls Basketball Team with $1,200 donation
  • Sportsmen Against Hunger donated 142,200 lbs. of game meat and 12 rifles ($5,000)
  • Purchased $400 Archery Backstop netting for the indoor Highwood Youth Archery Range
  • Donated $18,500 to FWP for the relocation of mountain goats to the Ear Mountain WMA
  • Donated $4,000 to Christian Sportsman Banquet since 2010
  • Donated $4,500 towards youth archery programs in Region 4
  • Donated $1,000 for youth waterfowl/upland bird educational clinics in Region 4
  • Donated a meat grinder valued at over $5,000 to Set Free Ministries in Great Falls.
  • We conduct two (2) highway clean-ups per year on US Highway 89 (mile markers 59 thru 61)
  • Donated $2,000 to Eagle Mount for an Equipony exercise system
  • Provided $20,000 towards Chokecherry Bend and Riverdale Ranch Conservation Easements
  • Donated $1,000 to Walleyes Unlimited to help build a new boat dock at Lake Francis
  • Sponsored a handicapped hunter on an elk hunt ($1,000)
  • Provided $500 for the Cascade County Sheriff’s and FWP Warden Youth Hunter Program
  • Sponsored a disabled youth hunter on an African safari ($5,000)
  • Donations equaling $10,000 towards hunter orange vests for the Hunter Safety Program
  • Conduct Sensory Safari at the School for Deaf and Blind
  • Active in the USFWS Benton Lake Refuge CCP Process to enhance local waterfowl hunting
  • Provided $500 and labor to relocate Merriam’s turkeys to Missouri River near Cascade
  • Paid for feed for wild turkeys in the Little Belt Mountains ($300)
  • Donated in excess of $1,000 worth of beef jerky to American soldiers in Iraq
  • Donated a $1,350 mechanical deer to MT Fish, Wildlife & Parks
  • Sponsored Dr. Rogers on 3 trips to Cameroon for Humanitarian Healthcare Projects ($6,000)
  • Sponsored $28,000 toward College Scholarships to 28 area high school seniors
  • Donated $6,000 toward the Great Falls Shooting Complex
  • Donated $12,500 to the Sun River Skeet Club for skeet field #4
  • Donated $500 for permanent stock hitching rails at Beartooth Wildlife Management Area
  • Continued to partner with conservation organizations such as DU, NWTF, PF, NRA, Walleyes Unlimited, etc. to support such efforts as the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act ($15,000+)



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Turkey Transplant Great Falls Tribune  Turkey Transplant picture


SEE ARTICLE IN GREAT FALLS TRIBUNE 2008 Goat Transplant article

2008 Transplant took place from land outside of Stanford, Montana and relocated to Ear Mountain on the Rocky Mountain Front.  A total of 10 goats were relocated at this time.  Repopulating the herd at the Rocky Mountain Front.

 2009 Transplant took place out of the Crazy Mountains, southeast of White Sulphur and taken to Ear Mountain once again.  We took 15 goats this time.

We now have a total of 25 goats that have been taken and transplanted to Ear Mountain.

We are now underway with our 3rd Goat Relocation Project in conjunction with Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks.  This project will take place out of Thompson Falls, Montana sometime in early January.

Ear Mountain - Rocky Mountain Front



My hunt was with Stewart Fraser of Itcha Mountain Outfitters based out of Quesnel , British Columbia.  My Dad and I drove from Great Falls, MT to Quesnel BC.  It was a long drive but through some of the most incredible country I have ever seen.   From the minute we arrived at Itcha Mountain Outfitters all the commendations were great.  Stewart and his crew were truly top notch. I highly recommend this hunt and hope to go back soon.  I have been a licensed guide with McDonough Outfitters, Wolf Creek Mt, for 8 years so it was a nice change to be the client instead of the guide.   On the 6th day of my 7 day hunt I harvested a great bull.  My Dad was with me when I took the bull and he was able to enjoy every aspect of the hunt.

Thanks to the Great Falls Safari Clun International for raffling this hunt.  It truly was a once in a lifetime hunt for me since I was able to go with my Dad. 

Great Falls Chapter of SCI gave away a Moose hunt with ITCHA Mountain 

Bear Paw Hunts and Great Falls Chapter SCI presented the hunt in honor of the Veteran’s who have served in the military.   



A Hobart Meat Grinder for Set Free Ministries

By Mike Loy, Great Falls Montana Chapter

Safari Club International’s Great Falls Montana Chapter held their annual December membership meeting and Christmas party at the Bar S on December 13, 2010. During the meeting board members outlined the accomplishments of the organization over the past year. An FWP representative spoke about the projects in which the chapter participated in this past year, including mountain goat relocations and conservation easements. 2011 opportunities, including the relocation of mountain goats from the Crazy Mountains to FWP Region 1, and an intrastate transplant of approximately 40 bighorn sheep, were also discussed.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of a commercial HOBART meat grinder to Set Free Ministries in Great Falls. The project has been two years in the making and was stalled when Set Free Ministries lost their building due to a fire in May 2009. Set Free Ministries touches more than 6,500 individuals monthly concerning food requests.

The donated grinder will be put to good use providing much-needed burger to those in need throughout the central Montana area. The donation was made possible by the Safari Club International Foundation and Hobart through the “Sportsmen Against Hunger” program. “This program provides donated game meat to thousands of folks in need throughout Montana and will continue to have a huge impact in the local community,” stated Mike Loy, SCI Board member.

SCI Great Falls would like to thank SCIF as well as all of the members of the Great Falls Chapter. We are actively engaged in the community for the hunter’s rights and enhancing our community through volunteer and activist work. We look forward to another exciting year in 2011. This will be the ten year anniversary of the club. The annual banquet is going to be held on March 12 and is shaping up to be the sportsmen event of the year. For more information contact Colleen Berlinger at 761-6211.